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Screenshot ConfidentialityWizard™ is a software program that helps attorneys, businesses and inventors prepare solid confidentiality agreements (a.k.a. non-disclosure agreements or NDA). Unlike attorneys who can charge $500+ for a single confidentiality agreement, you can create an unlimited number of confidentiality agreements for the value price of $99. ConfidentialityWizard was created by a U.S. Patent Lawyer, Michael S. Neustel.

Why Use ConfidentialityWizard? Many inventors and business have confidential information that needs to be protected. If you do not have a granted patent, you need a confidentiality agreement in place with another party before disclosing your confidential information to them. A patent application filed with the USPTO provides you no protection against an unscrupulous third-party - only a solid confidentiality agreement can accomplish this. There are cheap "form" agreements available on the Internet, but none offer you the flexibility that ConfidentialityWizard does - try out our software for free and you will see the difference!

Benefits of a strong confidentiality agreement include:
  • Maintains Confidentiality. A confidentiality agreement protects the confidentiality of your technology and inventions.
  • Professionalism. A confidentiality agreement shows the receiving party that you are professional and serious about protecting your intellectual property.
  • Ground Rules Spelled Out. A solid confidentiality agreement spells out exactly how – and how not – the confidential information is to be handled.
  • Customized Agreements. Customize the agreements to include the terms you want (e.g. arbitration, when the other party has to return confidential information).
  • Unlimited Agreements. Create an unlimited number of agreements.
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Trial Version - We are so confident that you will benefit from using ConfidentialityWizard that we offer a free Trial Version. You can download the Trial Version today and immediately see the value of ConfidentialityWizard.

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